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Sunst Fund offers risk-adjusted returns through a diverse Real Estate portfolio.
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Sunst Fund is the revolutionary way
to invest in Real Estate.

Hedge against the market by investing in diversified Real Estate fund.

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What makes Sunst Fund Incomparable?

Target uncorrelated, risk-adjusted returns and capital preservation across market cycles by investing in short-term, commercial Real Estate loans secured by first trust deeds.

Diversified Portfolio

High-Performance Investment

The Sunst Fund acquires and manages Value Added residential and commercial Real Estate and distressed assets such as notes and mortgage properties.

Risk-adjusted approach

By aquiring notes at a steep discount, Sunst Fund manages risk-adjusted returns on Real Estate investments, even in a downturn market.

Investment Protection

Sunst Fund is at a $1,000,000 first loss position.

Benjamin Donel, Esq

Don't Wait to Invest. Invest and Wait.

Benjamin Donel, Founder and CEO

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